Month: June 2022

How much money does a professional dog walker make?

how much money do dog walkers make? If you want to start a dog walking service or similar business, sooner or later someone will ask something like, “Oh, do you actually make money?” I met a guy through a friend over the weekend, and he asked me what most normal people ask: “Hva gjør du?” Usually my […]

Hvor sitter hunden din i bilen?

Jeg må spørre denne bekymringen siden så mange mennesker la hundene gjøre hva de vil ha i bilen, så vel som det ser så farlig ut. Ess sitter i baksetet på bilen min. Det ville være hvorfor det er et håndkle der igjen, så vel som tonnevis av hår, så vel som kast. Vinduene er […]

Halti vs. gentle Leader

jump ahead to: gjemme seg Halti head collar 1. The Halti has an additional security strap from the nose to the neck 2. The Halti likewise clips to the dog’s routine collar for safety Pros of the Halti head collar Cons of the Halti What is a gentle Leader head collar? Pros of the gentle […]

Five ideas to help a pet dog get over a phobia

Teeter terror: The hardest agility obstacle My mutt and I have been going to agility classes for about eight months. The first couple weeks, Ace had no issues with the teeter totter. He ran across it with no fear. He ran across it so fast that my instructor encouraged me to get him to slow […]

Grunner til å fremme en katt

fremme en katt Katter verdsettes mindre enn hunder. Dette er en økende bekymring så vel som rente for meg. Katter er mindre sannsynlig enn hunder for å få rutinemessige veterinærkontroller. Det er mindre sannsynlig at de får vaksinasjoner, så vel som mindre sannsynlighet for å bli spayed eller kastrert. Det er mindre sannsynlig at katter […]

How to stop Your canine From Chasing Cats

I’ll admit that all three of my dogs have been quite fascinated by cats! Ok, that’s the understatement of the century. Chasing cats trumped just about everything else until I started to incorporate several particular measures, which brings us to today’s topic of how to stop your canine from chasing cats. Although it might seem […]

How to keep Your dog safe on Halloween

Halloween is a night of mystery, mayhem… and maybe a bit of madness for your dog. From ringing doorbells to crazy costumes, from candy to candles, Oct. 31 isn’t always the most fun for our furry friends! Here are our tips to keep your dog safe on Halloween, along with a few ideas of how […]